Big Congrats to Olga Ozerova and our former Excelsior Dressage Horse Sandro Man for winning their 4th level class! Awesome Job!!!! It makes my day seeing our horses happy and doing well with their new owners!!! Go Excelsior Dressage Horses!!!

Signa Inferre SOLD - Congrats Anna

- Thank you Bianca for matching me with the perfect horse. I just love him. Anna

Morocco SOLD - Congrats Jessica

Bianca - Thank you so much Mo is doing awesome. I just ordered my Shadbelly. Silver Medal here we come. Jessica

We have 2 of our Former Excelsior Dressage Sales horse doing amazing at Dressage in Devon! Big Congratulations to all of you!
It just makes my day knowing our horses performing at the top for their new owners. We couldn't be happier!
Many tanks to our amazing sponsors for their continuous support!
Nutrena for supplying us with the best feed money can buy, keeping our horses in top shape, muscled, shiny and healthy!
Custom Saddlery for supplying us with the most gorgeous saddles that allow our horses to perform happily and comfortably! Frank Tobias for Fitting them just perfectly every time!
And of course Cox Veterinary Laboratory for the highest quality supplements keeping our horse sound, looking amazing and content! 
All of this wouldn't be possible without YOU! Thank you!

Vandaval SOLD - Congrats to Elli 

Thank you Bianca, I just took him to my first clinic with Lendon Gray. He was a super star! Elli

Anastacia SOLD - Congrats Suzy

Bianca, you have no idea how thrilled I am. Annie is just perfect. Thank you so much for bringing her into my life. Hugs Suzy​

Helsinki SOLD - Big Congrats to Sonia

He is such a cool horse! Thank you for training him so well! - Sonia

Ever Winn SOLD - Congrats to Lainey

Thank you again for everything. He is just perfect. Lainey

This is another one of our Excelsior Dressage Sales horses!!!! I couldn't be any happier with all of our sales horses! Success stories like these make it all worth while!!!! Big Congrats to all of you!!!

Quiero SOLD - Congrats Katie

Thank you Bianca. He is doing awesome. He is the barn favorite! Katie

Huge Congrats to Joelle and Milo and of course her trainer Stefanie!
Milo is one of our Excelsior Dressage Sales Horses!!! They Scored a 84% in the Freestyle.
Also I should mention that Lobin another one of our Excelsior Dressage horses is the reserve for the USA Para Olympic Team!
Yea!!!! Go Excelsior Dressage Horses!!!!!
It makes me so proud knowing our costumers are happy and loving our horses!!!

Thank you Bianca for working to match me with the perfect horse! Mimbral has been exactly as described. I wanted a competitive but kind horse and Mimbral is all that and then some.  His striking looks but calm demeanor has earned him many fans. Purchasing Mimbral was the best decision ever. I enjoy my time with him every day.

Correct and Effective german training and sales

Excelsior Dressage

Expect your stall door at the horse show to look just like this, when you buy a horse from us! When we say in our ad descriptions that our horses are ready to collect ribbons with their new owners.... It really is true. 
This it Titans stall door in Waterloo where he took the grand champion title!!! Huge Congrats to you!!!!

Fokke Z SOLD - Congrats Dana

Thank you again for bringing us together. He is the star attraction. Dana

Here are just a few of the success stories clients have had with the horses they have bought form us here at Excelsior Dressage!

We are absolutely delighted knowing that unbelievably many regional championship titles have been won by many of horses and fun our clients have had and continue having!