De Luca

Rare opportunity!

This is a 16.2 hand tall imported bay Hanoverian Gelding by the famous Danone x Alabaster born in 2006! 

This boy is the real deal.
A super Grand Prix horse!
If you are looking for a Top horse to compete in the BIG Arena look no further

Already having competed in Germany successfully through Grand Prix this boy is your ticket to shine in the CDI Ring!

Super modern looks with gaits to match it De Luca is a blast to ride!
Receiving 8's for his Piaffe! Truly a dream! De Luca is a fantastic horse.
He truly enjoys his job and thrives to please his rider. 
He loves his people and he loves his job! He is easy to collect, ultra chic in his trot extensions and his gaits are lofty with a lot of airtime and suspension.
​Truly a sensational horse if you want to draw the attention of the crowds and be remembered by the judges. You could be the lucky person to show him at GP or have your trainer show him there in the next years to come. This boys confidence will not be shaken by anything! He will go anywhere and do whatever you ask him to do!! His temperament makes him suitable for the amateur or professional alike. De Luca is a star in the barn and a true gem to handle.
He stands for the farrier, loads, travels and loves his grooming time and thrives for attention.
He trail rides very well. He loves to go in your pockets and to search for treats.

Clean xrays available! 
Price matches quality!

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This is a 16.2 hand tall beautiful dark brown Danish gelding by Lobster out of a Contender Mare, born in 2006

Lamonix is a horse you will fall in love with right away. His gorgeous head in kind eyes tell you everything about him. He is an extremely willing and a very forgiving boy who gives 110% every day!

He is confirmed at 2nd level and schooling 3rd including flying changes and shows amazing talent for passage along with a top quality piaffe. He has a bright future ahead of him!

Lamonix is soft in the bridle and has an easy go button without being hot. He loves to work and is super easy to ride.
This boy is just a pleasure to be around. He thrives for attention and loves to be groomed, bathed and simply just wants to be around you!
If you are looking for a safe, sound, sane horse and yet be very competitiv – Lamonix is the horse for you.

He has no vices or bad habits! Loads, clips and loves being with people.
A must see! Current, clean xrays are available!

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Fendi Fabuleux

 Fendi Fabuleux is a striking 7 yr old imported KWPN Gelding standing 16.2h tall by the famous Vivaldi!

This super sweet boy is a blast to ride everyday! A true worker bee! 
BIG ground covering Gaits outline this talented young horse!

The embodiment of grace, power and harmony!
Fendi displays great freedom in his shoulders which enables him to extend and collect with ease, making his extended trot just breathtaking along with all lateral movements!  His canter is uphill and super fun to ride, along with big ground covering flying changes. Fendi has a clear rhythm in all three gaits, the perfect foundation to build a future FEI career on. With his very active hind leg, he steps easily under, piaffe and passage are already well started and will by an absolute show stopper!

He is an poster child at the show. A star all around. Not spooky and loves the show atmosphere. He has successfully competed through 3rd level with 70%!

This talented, powerful gentleman has a bright future ahead of himself with huge international potential!

Fendi loves to work, displays natural self carriage and he is truly, an impressive performer. This package wouldn’t be complete without superb  ground manners, of course he clips, stands for the farrier and loves his grooming time. He is sane, sound and can be ridden by a good adult amateur,  YR, or Professional alike.


He is 100% sound, and is up to date on all his shots, no vices. 

Fendi is a special horse!

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This is a drop dead gorgeous 16.1 hand 2008,  bay imported Danish Gelding by Charmonix out of a Lobster Mare .

This Boy is for the big arena!

Fun, Fun, Fun!

If you are looking for the next winner in the FEI Ring, look no further!

​This outstanding horse has got it all, stunning looks paired with phenomenal quality gaits!

​An yet a stellar disposition! Safe and sane, anyone can ride this sweet and king boy! He will steal your heart in an instance!

There is no harder trying horse then Calvador!

Calvador strives to please his rider. He has 3 extraordinary gaits that are easily adjustable and have excellent ground cover! His flying changes are a blast to ride!

He is currently schooling all the PSG but his true talent lies with the Grand Prix.

Unique talent and a fantastic technique for piaffe an passge will let this boy shine in the big arena very soon!

It is rare to find a horse with as much talent as Calvador displays that is yet very clear in the head and absolutely suitable for a timid rider or adult amateur! And has an excellent vet check!

 He has a very successful show record in Europe through PSG with scores over 70% Linus is ready to collect blue ribbons wi his new owner!

​He will be ready Elasticity and freedom in the shoulder paired with an extraordinary hind leg outline this impressive horse. He goes forward with willingness but doesn't ever get to much to handle and is light to the aids and light in the bridle an joy to ride in the snaffle as well as in a double bridle. You just think of what you would like to do next and he will do it for you!

​He is extremely comfortable to sit. 


Calvador is a very kind and sweet horse to be around and loves attention. He is great to work with and loves to hack out.

Of course he clips, loads and stands for the farrier.

Recent clean xrays are available 

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​This is a beautiful 16.1 hand tall 11 yr old KWPN chestnut gelding imported,
by the famous Oscar out of a Cabochon Mare.
This boy has got it all! Super gaits with outstanding ride ability and a sweet disposition!
Baroncelli is an absolute worker bee that strives to please his rider but he never gets to hot or to strong!
​Super easy to ride, yet ground covering gaits with lots of expression make him an excellent candidate for the Grand Prix ring!
​Confirmed PSG and has shown in Europe through 4th level, but already schooling piaffe and passage! He will be ready to go for the big arena in no time! His willingness and work ethic make everything easy for him!

This horse is a Grand Prix horse in the making.
He is suited for an AA rider or professional a like.
So much fun to ride. Everything is easy for him.
​ He hacks well and loves to be around people.
Just a pleasure to handle all around.
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This is a 16.1 hand tall bay RPSI Mare by Lotus out of an Anrijetto Mare, born in 2011.
Kindness, willingness, elasticity and presence outline this beautiful sweet mare!
A blast to ride every day!
​Lorelei is the perfect horse for anyone alike!

She loves to work but is easily managed by a weak or insecure rider however she has all one needs to make it all the way to to the FEI ring with ease!

Horses like her are few and far between! Unbelievable willingness and talent along with nerves of steel and a sweet heart personality make her a dream come true for AA rider and professionals alike!   

  The freedom in her shoulders make lateral work very easy for her! She has three clear, ground covering gaits, with a strong hind leg, and the adjustability to extend or collect with ease. Lorelei is absolutely amazing to ride. She can do all the work in a snaffle without ever getting to strong.
 Very comfortable to sit with a great go button but never to hot.

She is incredibly safe in new environments and is as bombproof as they come on hacks! There is nothing she won't do for you! 

This girl is ready to take her new owner all the way to the top level of dressage, without compromising safety and ride-ability! 

Of course Lorelei has wonderful ground manners, she’s also a pleasure to handle in the barn. Always seeking attention and ready to leave a lasting impression.
This horse would be a super opportunity for an adult amateur, junior rider or young rider alike.
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This an absolutely stunning 16.3 hand tall bay Danish Gelding born 2005 by Charmonix out of a Lobster Mare.
Pure joy and Contract go in one sentence! 
He is as good as they come!
Beauty, elasticity, suspension outline this stunning creature. With three outstanding gaits that are unbelievably comfortable to sit! 
Fun, fun fun every day and never worrying about a buck or any other silliness! 
Talent and ride ability outline this sweetheart of a horse.
He goes easily forward is soft in the bridle, nice to ride in a snaffle as well as the double and just thrives to please his rider! 
Contract is the perfect horse for a rider that wants to gain confidence and yet not compromise on talent!

This is the most reliable horse you will ever meet. Never having to worry about safety at all!

This horse will always take care of his rider!

Working all the 3rd level movements including pirouettes and piaffe & passage Contract offers it all!

Contract is a delight at the show! Extremely easy to handle and confident in new environments.
He has all one needs to be successful at the shows yet not compromise on safety and reliablilty
Contract has no vices, stands for the farrier, loads and clips of course.
Don't miss out on this very special boy.

Current clean xrays on file
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