​This is an absolutely stunning 16.1 hand tall 2006 Danish gelding imported,
by Lobster out of a Come Back II Mare.
This boy has got it all! Super gaits with outstanding ride-ability and a sweet disposition!
Leo is a Amateur Dream Horse that strives to please his rider but he never gets to hot or to strong!
​Super easy to ride, yet ground covering gaits with lots of expression and of course his gorgeous looks will make sure you will be remembered by Judges and onlookers alike!
​Horses like Leo are few and far between. He is as bomb proof as a horse can be but yet has his own engine and is super soft in the bridle and naturally goes on the bit! Leo is like a couch to sit on, not bouncy at all!
Pair that with his beauty and talent, nothing can stand in your way!

Leo is confirmed at 3rd level and starting to work all the PSG!
​ He hacks alone or with others and loves to be around people.
Just a pleasure to handle all around.
​He has no vices and recent xrays are on file!
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This is a 10yr old 16.2 hand tall imported gray Spanish Sport Horse Mare.
Talk about talent! This is a Lamborghini of Horses! The most fun one can have on a horse! This Mare will truly leave you speechless. There hasn't been a Mare more sensitve to your aids and willing to please then this Girl! And talk about Brave! There isn't a place she won't go for you and there isn't a thing she won't do for you!

Dinamita is a super fancy Mare in a compact package. He has got the gaits for the international arena and yet has the disposition for and Adult Amateur to lean on and enjoy!
Shown through PSG she is now ready for the FEI small tour with her new owner! However the Grand Prix Ring will be where she shines the most!
At the show she is a pleasure to have around. Secure in her new surroundings she will be happy to take her new owner down centerline for the win!
She is a blast to ride and a fascinating mover with lots of schwung, a very good rhythm and balance, the perfect FEI horse for your future. She is really breathtaking.
She has a super active hind leg and her canter, walk and trot are of outstanding quality. She just floats. Clear rhythm in all gaits with a far reaching hind leg and a good over-stride. 
Dinamita will just need to look at you with her soft eyes and you are in love with this most elegant horses. This is a spectacular horse for everybody alike and she loves to learn new things. She is the modern type with an outstanding confirmation.
Of course she stands for the farrier, loads and clips. Hacking is a joy with this girl!
Her exterior as well as her interior could not be any better.
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Excelsior Dressage

First Class

This is a drop dead gorgeous 17 h tall bay 10yr old imported bay Gelding by the famous Fuerst Romancier out of a Sir Donnerhall Mare.
Despite his size this boy is unbelievably easy to ride! Super Soft in the bridle and easy on the aids this beautiful and elegant boy is a blast to ride! 
Having competed successfully through  4th level with over 68% and now ready for the small tour the skies are the limit for this very willing and kind boy!
First Class is the perfect horse for someone that wants to learn, move up the levels and yet be very competitive! 
Needless you to say you will collect your blue ribbons with this very special boy!
He absolutely loves the show scene and all it has to offer, a star all around!
He will instill confidence at the shown grounds into the even most nervous rider! A dream come true for an AA, YR or JR rider that is looking for a true partner and yet draw the attention of everyone alike!

Above charming to be around First Class will put a smile on your face everyday. 
Naturally he is a delight to be around, he loves his people and all visitors. 
Of course he is well behaved for the farrier, clipping and loading and enjoys his hacking days.
Don't miss out on this special boy
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Johnson's Khalessi

This is a 2014 KWPN Mare by the famous Johnson out of an Anrijetto Mare standing 16h tall.

Breathtaking looks and movement, this is one for the big ring and international competitions.
Super fancy and fun!
 This horse will blow everybody away with her freedom in the shoulders and a very strong motor and active hind leg.

We love her elegant movement and her modern built, there are many reasons to look forward to a bright future in the highest levels of dressage with this young beauty.

Khalessi has definitely three above average gaits, all clear and already well balanced with a good rhythm, which will get even better with age, more muscles and more experience and training. 
She is a dream for every rider!  There are no limits for this mare, with both parents having competed successfully at the international Grand Prix, she will compete in the big ring and she will be a phenomenal FEI horse.

You can be sure to attract  attention at the show with this beautiful horse. She is very elastic and a fast learner, she works with schwung and ease, making the perfect horse for everybody alike, for a young rider, an adult amateur, a professional or even an older person looking for the perfect young horse for the future, without sacrificing the super gaits and the ability to go all the way to the top with a future FEI horse.

This horse is a true diamond in the rough, she loves to learn, is easy to sit and light in the hand. Khalessi is a safe horse, especially for her age and gets even ridden without the fuzz of longing first.

Khalessi is a horse that does what she is asked to do.

Nothing seems too much for her and she always gives 100%. She has super nerves and perfect ride ability. Friendly and sane in the barn and under saddle, she is a magnet for everybody alike, loves to cuddle and thrives for attention.

Current clean xrays are on file.

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Fabrege SOLD

Fabrege is a 2006 imported Black Swedish Gelding by Topaasch x Constant standing​ 16.3h tall.

Grand Prix here we come!

Already successfully competed through I2 this boy is ready to take his new owner in the

Grand Prix ring!

Fabrege draws attention with his big powerful and ground covering gaits that will ensure the judges remember you!

Freedom in the shoulders make lateral movements a piece of cake for him and a blast to ride, coupled with the ability to collect, his pirouettes are second to none and super uncomplicated to ride!

On top of everything his flying changes are so so easy including the one tempis! 

Truly a master! 
 This package wouldn’t be complete without the superb rideablitiy Fabrege has demonstrated.

Fabrege is super comfortable to sit and has a way of taking his rider with him, even riders with back problems can easily ride this kind horse!

He enjoys being both in and out of the ring, and has been hacked about on busy roads and through the woods.

 Fabrege is a solid citizen, he bathes, loads, clips (even his ears!) , He has absolutely no bad habits. He is 100% sound, and is up to date on all his shots. 

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Darshaan Hero

This is a 10 yr old 16.2 hand tall imported bay Holsteiner by Lugano out of a Constant Mare.

He has definitely three above average gaits, all clear and already well balanced with a good rhythm. He has shown through 3rd level but clearly has talent for much much more! 

This boy is super supple, very active canter and ability to sit and collect make pirouettes very easy for him. All his lateral work is a blast to ride. Hero is nice in the bridle and has his own engine.

You can be sure to attract  attention at the show with this beautiful horse. He is very elastic and a fast learner, he works with schwung and ease. He'll make the perfect horse for everybody alike, for a young rider, an adult amateur, a professional.
He is a very safe horse but sensitive and enjoys hacking out as well.
Nothing seems too much for him and he always gives 100%.

He loves to cuddle and thrives for attention.

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Don Jon - SOLD

This is a 2006 imported Hanoverian Gelding standing 16.1 hands tall by Don Martillo out of a Matcho AA Mare.

Don Jon is an absolutely delightful horse all around!

With his sweetheart personality and eagerness to please this boy will brighten every day!

A fantastic work ethic with a very active hind leg outline this super modern and handsome boy.

He has 3 beautiful gaits with clear rhythm that are comfortable to sit. Schooling all the PSG and beyond he is ready to move up the levels with his new owner. 

He has already successfully shown in Europe through 3rd level and is an absolute delight at the show grounds.

Don Jon would be the perfect horse for an AA rider as well as a JR or YR! 

He loves to hack and is perfect to handle all the way around. Just a doll to groom and spend time with.

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Nicklaus Van Alstein

This is a breathtaking 13 yr old imported black Gelding by Herzruf out of a Black Magic Boy Mare

standing 16.3h tall.

Drake is a truly elastic, athletic boy with all the talent to go up to Grand Prix.

He has successfully shown through PSG and is ready to move up!

Just so much fun to ride! With lots of ground cover and freedom in his shoulders all lateral work is super easy for this beautiful boy.

Great ability to collect his canter make his pirouettes and also his piaffe of very high quality. He truly is a head turner all the way! 

Drake is soft in the bridle and can easily do all the PSG work in the snaffle with a good motor, he is light on the aids but never gets to hot!

He would be a great horse for a JR, YR, AA Rider or professional alike.

Hacking out is one of his favorite things to do besides looking for attention of course. Drake is an absolute sweetheart.

He has very good ground manners and loads easily.

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Correct and Effective german training and sales

Kiss Me
This is a 16.2 hand tall all black KWPN Gelding by Fairytale out of a Florencio Mare, born in 2015.

Not your average young horse!

An extraordinary character outline this fantastic creature, nerves of steel and a can do attitude coupled with 3 well above gaits make this one truly a future star!  
Kindness, willingness, elasticity and presence outline this beautiful sweet gelding!
A blast to ride every day!

 This very special boy clearly has all you need to make it all the way to the top!

Kiss me is a forward thinking horse that absolutely loves his job but wants to listen to his rider and always tries to figure out what you would like him to do next. There hasn't been a more uncomplicated young horse! You don't have to lunge him before getting on, just tack up and go.

This boy doesn't buck or do any other naughty young horse stuff! This makes him a perfect horse for everyone alike! Certainly enough talent and eagerness for a professional to bring up the levels yet a stellar disposition for any adult amateur to enjoy the journey! 

 Very comfortable to sit with a great go button but never to hot.

He is incredibly safe in new environments and loves to go on hacks! There is nothing he won't do for you! 

Kiss me is ready to take his new owner all the way to the top level of dressage, without compromising safety and ride-ability! 

Of course he has wonderful ground manners, he’s also a pleasure to handle in the barn. Always seeking attention and ready to leave a lasting impression.
Clean xrays on file!
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