Custom Made SOLD

This is a gorgeous 2012 Black Danish Warmblood Gelding with 4 white socks! Sired by the famous Come Back II out of a Lobster Mare standing 16.2h.

This gorgeous boy is an easy, safe confidence builder that is a joy to be around.

Custom is an absolute Amateur Dream Horse. He is always the same at home or away, out on a hack.  He has a free shoulder, a big walk and swings nicely through his back. His canter is uphill and super fun to ride and his walk is clean and steady. He has a clear rhythm in all three gaits, the perfect foundation to build a future successful Dressage Career. 

This extremely talented gentleman has big potential!

He’s now solid at 2nd level with an amazing self carriage and he is truly, an impressive performer. This package wouldn’t be complete without the superb rideablitiy that Custom has demonstrated. He is unspooky and can be ridden by a less confident rider, but has the energy for a YR, Adult Amateur or Professional alike. He enjoys being both in and out of the ring, and has been hacked out a lot.

 He is a clown, loves to play in the water, and to be snuggled with. He is a solid citizen, he bathes, loads, clips (even his ears!) , He has absolutely no bad habits. He is 100% sound, and is up to date on all his shots. Custom is a special horse- that rare holy grail of beautiful movement and a safe mind. Horses like this are few and far between.

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This is a drop dead gorgeous 2019 KWPN Gelding standing 15.1 h tall by Vaandrager out of a Ferguson x Bretton Woods  Mare

Olympio has got it all!

A sweet Temperament combined with super movement!

Horses like him are few and far between!

Olympio is the horse everyone wants! He is inquisitive and sweet, loves his people and everyone around!

He will make you smile every day just the way he looks at you when you walk in the barn.

His beautiful face and perfect conformation make him  absolutely picture perfect!

This boy is fabulous inside and out.

A true Diamond in the rough!

He is respectful and easy to handle, ties, baths and leads.

Don't miss out on this awesome horse!

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Westerberg - Sold

This is a 16.3 h tall bay imported Danish Gelding by Welser (Wolkenstein II) out of a Lobster Dam

International Big Ground Covering Quality Gaits with an absolute Darling Disposition, Westerberg is quite a rare find!

Horses don't often come like this!

The willingness to please his rider combined with softness in the bridle and sensitivity to the riders aids

make this horse a dream to ride! 

A walk for a 10!

With the trot and canter to match it!

Already winning at PSG in Wellington Florida, the Grand Prix ring will be his next stop.

All the collected work comes super easy to Westerberg

Besides being a world class Dressage horse, he loves to hack out, alone or with others, he is a very confident horse and isn't afraid of much!

He absolutely loves people and will actually abandon his food to come cuddle

Of course he stands for the farrier, is great to handle all around, loads easily and has no vices.

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​This is an absolutely stunning 16.2 hand tall 2010 Danish gelding imported,
by Welser out of a Lobster Mare.
This boy has got it all!
Super gaits with outstanding ride-ability and a sweet disposition!
Super Safe and Brave
This Boy is SO much fun to ride.
He easily goes forward and it light to the aids, such a kind horse that wants to please his rider.
​Werleone is patient with a green rider yet has lots of talent and three top quality to shine in the show ring!
He is solid PSG level with piaffe and passage well started, all the talent and willingness to make it to the big ring in now time!

​ He hacks alone or with others and loves to be around people.
Just a pleasure to handle all around.
​He has no vices, stands for the farrier, loads, clips, you name it he does it!
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This is a 5yr old 16.2 h tall Bay Oldenburg Mare by Sir Gregory out of an Anrijetto Mare

Breathtaking looks and movement, this is one for the big ring and international competitions.
Super fancy and fun!

 This horse will blow everybody away with her freedom in the shoulders and a very strong motor and active hind leg.

Suspension and balance!

We love her elegant movement and her modern built, there are many reasons to look forward to a bright future in the highest levels of dressage with this young Beauty.

Equipped with three extraordinary gaits, all clear and already well balanced with outstanding rhythm, which will get even better with age, more muscles and more experience and training.
She is a dream for every rider!  There are no limits for this girl, she will compete in the big ring and she will be a phenomenal FEI horse.

You can be sure to attract attention at the show with this beautiful horse.
She is very elastic and a fast learner, she works with schwung and ease. The perfect horse for everybody alike, a young rider, an adult amateur, a professional or even an older person looking for the perfect young horse for the future, without sacrificing the super gaits and the ability to go all the way to the top with a future FEI horse. Ready to show at 1st level and schooling 2nd level!

This horse is a true diamond in the rough, she loves to learn, is easy to sit and light in the hand. She is a safe horse, especially for her age. I can not highlight her outstanding personality enough! She is SO brave and nonspooky!!!!

Sansa is a horse that does what she is asked to do.

Nothing seems too much for her and she always gives 100%. She has super nerves and perfect ride ability. Friendly and sane in the barn and under saddle, she is a magnet for everybody alike. She loves to cuddle and thrives for attention.

The price matches the quality

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Markarro SOLD

This is a 3 yr old KWPN Gelding standing 16.2 h tall by the famous Everdale out of a Lotus Dam

This young gentleman has a big bright future ahead of him!

Although still young he has shown us unbelievable cooperation and willingness to learn.

He truly loves his job and thrives to please his rider.

With a superb engine with comfortable gaits he is a blast to ride and of course is very soft in the bridle!

Makarro has three fantastic gaits and is a very elastic horse!

A walk one can only wish for, long reaching strides with super overtrack, a lofty suspended trot where you can already feel that the piaffe and passage are going to be super easy for this boy and a gorgeous uphill canter with lots of jump!

This horse will be so much for to develop for his new owner.

He has been bred and owned by Excelsior Dressage. With that we know everything about him.

He has never been lame and never had a colic.

Always strong and healthy!

Makarro is a promising, talented boy that can be ridden by anyone because of his stellar disposition.

In the barn he is an absolute pleasure to have, super gentle and calm, he loves to be groomed and is always polite. 

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Excelsior Dressage

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Londilio - Sold

This is a 15 yr old 17 hand tall Gelding by Le Grande out of a Didzis  Mare.

He truly is a very special boy!

Equipped with three beautiful and correct gaits, the willingness to work for his rider and a heart of Gold

Super patient and sweet, he always tries to figure out what the rider 

wants him to do!

An absolute Amateur Dream Horse, he is perfect to learn on and go out and win!

So So Much Fun to ride! 

He has confirmed at PSG/I1 and schooling all the GP!

The skies are the limit for this very hard trying sweet boy!

This boy has elastic ground covering gaits, very active canter and ability to sit and collect make pirouettes very easy for him. All his lateral work is a blast to ride, he is nice in the bridle and has his own engine.
You can be sure to attract  attention at the show with this beautiful horse. He is very elastic and a fast learner, he works with schwung and ease. He'll make the perfect horse for everybody alike, for a young rider, an adult amateur, a professional.

He loves to cuddle and thrives for attention.

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Deanerys SOLD

This is a 4 yr old 16.3 h tall dark bay mare by the ultra successful Dante Weltino out of a Lotus Mare.

Dea is a very impressive and elegant young Mare that has the sweetest disposition you could possibly imagine.

Calm and kindness outline this almost black beauty!

Grace and talent combined with outstanding ride-ability make her the perfect package!

Confidence even at such a young age is what she brings to the table along with fascinating gaits, she is one in a million.

Dea is an absolute couch to sit on and just makes you smile every day you get on her, never worry about lunging, even after a few days off, just get on and go.... Hacking out? No problem she loves it. 

You can trust her to never do anything naughty!

That for she can be a perfect horse for an amateur or older rider but obviously has all the talent for a professional or YR!

Truly a very unusual young horse, like an old soul in a young body!

However you don't have to make a compromise on gaits and talent, she has got it all! 

Dea will excel in the dressage rind and most certainly make a fantastic FEI Horse! 

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