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Born and raised in Germany, I was fortunate to have been introduced to riding through the "classical German approach". In Germany we spent many months on a lunge line, learning how to establish a balanced and correct seat. After we graduated from the lunge line, we were placed in group lessons where all the horses had side reins. Once we had proven our abilities using the side reins we were eventually able to hold the reins ourselves. This was not always the most fun way for students to learn however, I am extremely grateful for my solid dressage foundation and have much more respect for the patience that is required in the riding process.  I now take great pride in instilling these riding fundamentals in my students..I left Germany in 2004 to pursue my equestrian career in the United States.  Here I had the opportunity to work with several different Olympic riders including Robert Dover, Lendon Gray, Ashley Holzer and Lars Peterson, all of whom added valuable insight into my riding and training. I continue to develop my own riding and training skills by working with other experienced professionals.  I currently train under Allison Brock. Dressage is an ongoing learning process. Currently, I am residing and training in Wellington, Florida, year-round.  Throughout the past eight years I have been competing on the Wellington show circuit and shown successfully through Grand Prix.  The horses I have in training range from talented young to Grand Prix horses. I pride myself in being able to work with a wide range of horses for which I establish solid dressage training.
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Having grown up in Germany, I am fortunate to have learned how to ride the "classic" German style.  I now enjoy teaching this classic way of riding to my students. Correct riding is my priority as a trainer. At Excelsior Dressage, it is our goal to create horses that have the willingness to work hard but are content to keep them growing in their abilities and  happy, to try to get the best out of every horse we train through correct training. Along with helping riders to develop a correct seat and for rider and horse to become a better, stronger team. One of our strengths is being able to train challenging horses and help retrain those horses that did not receive correct training from the start. We do not believing in "forcing" the horses to perform, but rather encouraging them to want to perform because they enjoy working. A happy horse makes a happy rider!  We strive to develop a strong partnership between you and your horse. Excelsior Dressage is pleased to offer dressage instruction for horses and riders of all levels from training level to Grand Prix and beginners to advanced.  We will also start your young horse for you. If your horse needs to be rehabbed from an injury we will provide quality services to ensure rapid healing. Our family atmosphere stable provides both year-round and seasonal boarding options.

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